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Four Letters

When you ascend from the garden of Gehenna
Your seed will’ve grown to my height
And despite full measure of your might
And mamma’s prayers every night
Father’s sins came to sit upon your shoulders
Like a mantle
Or better yet a manacle
Firmly fitted to wrists
Which would water whip
To make amends
For Ricky’s missin’ ends
In a sense
Your innocence was incinerated early
Erased by exposure to lifestyle insane
Which no child should navigate
Let alone
Wish I could say I was surprised
When I heard you had life
Sentenced to half existence
For snatching away another’s
But that’d be a lie
Bold faced to the core
Because your potential to pull a homicide
Has ever been crystal clear before my eyes
That’s why I toiled to teach you
To temper your intemperance
I too struggle against the siren call of Nina Ross
The temptation to tickle triggers til copper copulation erupts
Causing spinal columns of my problems to dramatically readjust
I opted to press the ignore button
This isn’t a judgement
What’s done is done
If only I could give you that instant back
Play prince of Persia
Shift sands of time for ya
Undo damnable act
25 years
A four letter sentence
Consistin’ of 9,125 days
And every one absent
Your family pays the cost
Their loss a tragedy
All too endemic in our community
How many days before your son forgets your face
Before his first shave
His first date
He walks across that graduation stage
Eyes scanning crowd in vain
Knowing daddy’s detained in cage
Or will frustration and rage
Take root an early age
Lead him down a path
Pop’s and Grand Pa’s travels paved
Leading to long awaited face to face
Family reunion facilitated by the state
These are the thoughts tattooed on forefront of my mind
As I lay back in my bed
Lift you before the Most High
In hopes that you hold your head

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Call of Duty

Life has no respawns
So as I don my apparel
I pray this not be the day
I’m found guilty of being too black
Before Barney Fife’s barrel
Surrender is not an option
For a being melanated like me
When even upon bent knees
You’re liable to be
Executed publicly
Left lying in street
For apathetic eyes to see
Never forget
Oscar wasn’t granted opportunity to be judged by 12
Only carried by six
Sentenced to sleep six feet
Beneath surface in which his blood stains seeped
NYPD diablo’s pointed pitchforks
Penetrated Dialo
With 41 shots
Jordan Davis proved without a doubt
Us can be gunned down
For bumping bass too loud
On the right wrong side of town
And my heart aches
As I gaze at my son’s face
Imaging him suffering a similar fate
How long before he too is another trending hash tag?
His character assassinated
Talking head trashed
Through mud dragged
To breathe life into corrupt copper’s badge
The phrase protect and serve
Is a deceptive swerve
Peep the subtext…
A sentence with no object
Is objectively meaningless
And we are subjects to flawed laws
To which they pledge allegiance
When abuse of authority combines with disrespect
The natural reaction is civil unrest
Tear gas is an asymmetrical response to peaceful protest
But community relations’ clearly a lesson the academy neglects
Would rather invest in acquiring battlefield tech
Ferguson is an opening salvo
First shot
In initiating open warfare
Upon citizenry
When have weapons of war ever represented peace?
Examine the images on your screen
This is not footage of some foreign distant disturbance
But Baghdad in your backyard
Foreshadowing fully automatic rifles rushing your front door
If you stand by and turn a blind eye
Then it’s only a matter of time
Before the next bullet riddled body belongs to you or I
Loose your illusions of grandeur
You are no too white
Too rich
Too successful
Too valuable
To be a victim
Etch this upon the forefront of your consciousness
When we allow the violation of the least of us
We engineer the inevitable violation of each of us

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How I Met Your Mother

It’s all in the introduction
Because approach establishes first impression
And there are no second shots at first contact
“Excuse me, Miss…”
Is a little too old school
And “Aye, you!”
Is a lotta bit too rude
So me
I’ll say “Peace, Queen”
Because your aristocracy is evidenced in your stance and stature
It’s easily evident you were meant to reign
The apparent nobility in your features whisper
“Impress me”
And, empress, see
I ain’t exactly certain I’m up to the task
But you miss 100% of every shot you pass
That being said
I’m prepared
To play Westbrook with the hot hand
Signaling for the iso motion
So I shall proceed
To pave path to relation
In effort to assure
We’re more than merely two passing ships
In the nightlife’s teaming sea of humanity
And I don’t believe in coincidence
And since our optics locked this
Encounter was meant to be
But where it will lead
Remains to be seen
Your highness,
I have no high hopes or extravagant expectations
Grant me access to your museum
And I will marvel at the masterpieces therein
Analyze the expert artistry of your mind’s eye
And invite you to do likewise with mine
Fortune favors the bold
And I’ll boldly go
Where no man has dared set foot before
Engage warp drive and slide
Into your universe’s outer limits
No games or gimmicks
Let’s kick it like kings and queens in Khemet
Buildin’ beneath Orion’s belt
Convert these bar stools
Into pyramids of possibility
Ascending from surface of Barsoom
Transform this crowded saloon
Into a private room
Transcend the confines of this dimly lit den
With every thought verbalized and emotion we transmit
Make a moment mostly
Taken for granted
Into a memory mystical and miraculous
Potentially mark the epoch we
Merges into us

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US laws protect THE LAW. NOT the people. ESPECIALLY not black citizens. We’re not even considered people. We weren’t consulted when the laws were established. Why should we abide by them?


US laws protect THE LAW. NOT the people. ESPECIALLY not black citizens. We’re not even considered people. We weren’t consulted when the laws were established. Why should we abide by them?

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