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Burnin’ candle at both ends without a wick
night owl adjustin’ to early bird schedulin’
Insomniac, early riser
Finally realized the
View slightly askew
Behind ruby quartz visor
Sanguine irises
PIRU vision
Jet lag tiredness
Somethin’ gotta give and that’s a given
Midnight maraudin’ interferin’
With my daylight livin’
Nevertheless powerless against
Seduction of nocturnal transmissions
Four winks outta 40 every 24 hours
Got me zombie walkin’
Cognitive process crawlin’ 2mph
Thinkin’ in tortoise time
However endeavor to hare hop
To hot spot stocked with vixens from bottom to top
Midday day dreamin’ of seasons of hibernation
Is an oh so familiar mental preoccupation
Tryin’ to tune my biorhythm into Morpheus’ station
Got me howlin’ at Diana and cussin’ the constellations
Nosferatu non grata in the grotto of the Dream Lord
Only allowed to lounge around outer courts
With cohorts
Fellow children of crescent moon
Artemis’ ascent and descent
Reflected in our mood
Sunshine slidin’ through cracked blinds
Met with rudest attitude

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The Daily Show 2014-07-17 - Operation Black Hair

"Jessica Williams investigates an Army regulation that ignorantly discriminates against black servicewomen and their hairstyles."

Watch the segment

These screencaps, lmao.

We live in a nation founded on the ideals of white supremacy. This doesn’t shock me in the least.

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Feels like fire
Shut up in my bones
Melting marrow into ash
Consuming my soul
The inferno grows
Never getting its fill of fuel
Cruel desire
Loathsome lust
Unable to satisfy
I try in vain to tame
The appetite of this flame

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Man of Steel

My Lois Lane offered me a mind reliever
In the form of a brain teaser
And I said
“I’m good”
See that’s how bad a brother doin’ ‘bout now
On average I invest eight hours a day
In earnest effort to aid others in expressing their emotions
But when it comes to me
Transparency a non-priority apart from penmanship
Even then
I’m an open book inscribed in invisible ink
Just gotta read between the margins
Under appropriate light
To assess actuality behind cheshire facade
I wear the mask
Of the ever optimistic encouraging confidant
The proactive positive problem solver
Self-assured self-help self-actualized maven
When within
I am at my wits’ end
Suffering secretly like Sisyphus
Shackled in shadow realms of my stress pressed psyche
Outwardly always fresh dressed to impress
Yet inwardly resembling Oliver Twist’s neglect
I’m not okay
And that’s not okay
Because if Superman’s off his game
Who will save the day?
Clark Kent can’t afford to take a vacay
His fortress offers no solitude
No shielding
No support
For bearing back breaking burden
Of averting Earth’s ending
His eyes have no time to cry
Because his ears are ever acutely attuned
To the wails of the world
And despite his super speed
He can’t quite seem to exceed
Every barreling bullet’s
Dreams flooded by screams
Birthed by failures to intercede
Before civilians’ conversion into corpses
I too hear those haunting howls
And I wonder if he like me thinks
“Who will rescue me?”

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